HVAC System Refurbishment & Renovations

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems, though primarily associated with climate control, have become an integral component in the efficient design and maintenance of commercial and industrial buildings. Sophisticated technologies and newly established industry standards have expanded the role of HVAC systems beyond the traditional goals of temperature control and improving indoor air quality (IAQ).

Commercial HVAC System Services

CORE is vastly experienced in the servicing your existing ventilation system, in addition to design, procurement and installation of new ones.

As market leader, holding the prestigious Indoor Air Quality Council (IAQC) and National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) certifications, we proudly bring state of the art technologies to our wide array of services, from duct cleaning to sheet metal fabrication in commercial kitchen environments.


It's a routine occurrence, HVAC systems in commercial and industrial buildings stop functioning properly, resulting in a variety of problems - from the rise in contamination levels of indoor air, to improper temperature controls and varying degrees of humidity.

At CORE, we pride ourselves on delivering quick and efficient repair services for these unforeseen events.

With a 24 hour service and repair hotline, you are a phone call away from speaking with a trained representative who will document your problem and assign your matter to a qualified repair technician. Our technicians are equipped with the industries most formidable array of cutting edge diagnostic tools available to determine and address the most complex repairs in short order.

Replacement & Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a prominent focus in the HVAC industry and facilities management alike.

New standards imposed by ASHRAE were designed to extend the life and efficiency of HVAC equipment, thus limiting costly system outages and disruption. In short, if you haven't tuned your company's HVAC systems or had it evaluated in accordance with new industry efficiency standards in the past year, you're likely losing money.

A thorough tune-up can easily save 15% a year on heating and air conditioning costs.

CORE - The HVAC Professionals

By contacting CORE, your company will certainly realize one of the advantages that satisfied customers have reported in the past.

  • Lower employee absenteeism due to illness
  • Improved individual worker productivity
  • Improved staff morale because of improved overall health
  • Lower turnover rate (and employee replacement costs)
  • Savings on heating and air conditioning costs
  • Savings on the cost of electricity
  • Savings on expensive equipment replacements through regular maintenance
  • Employing tax incentives to “go green” with your new HVAC technology

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Causes and Effect of Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Maintaining proper indoor air quality (IAQ) is highly critical in non-industrial environments, such as offices. With today's cocoon-like, energy-efficient buildings, there's less fresh air circulating. Simply put, most buildings are constructed to lower heating costs. However, an unwanted side effect of this focus is less clean air within the work space and clean air is essential to good health.

Today, interior spaces - from homes to offices to large manufacturing plants - have more pollutants and toxins in the air than any outside space. Cleansers, chemicals used in product manufacture, carpets, furniture, rugs - all create indoor pollution. And, long-term-eight-hour-a-day exposure to these pollutants leads to more employee illnesses and lowered staff productivity.

The solution? Install and maintain HVAC systems that clean the air rather than recycling it. Once in place, these systems should be checked and optimized regularly for the most advantageous throughput.

Poor indoor air quality has been shown to adversely affect the health of the building occupants in the short and long term and causes problems such as:

  • Unexplained headaches, Eye, nose and throat irritation
  • Dry cough
  • Itchy or dry skin
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Sensitivity to orders
  • Chest tightness, fever, chills and muscle aches

Inefficient HVAC facilities jeopardize the safety of your employees. If these systems aren't properly maintained, they spread dust-borne disease throughout your enclosed spaces. Routine maintenance of HVAC systems is the best, most cost-effective means available of improving worker safety, cutting down on expensive employee turnover and workers' compensation claims.

An in-depth look at Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)


CORE is a recognized, domestic leader in the HVAC market that proactively employs sophisticated technologies and best in class process and certification to address your IAQ problems head-on. More about CORE

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The Importance of Working With a State Licensed Air Conditioning Contractorstate-licensed-air-conditioning-contractor

To deal with the problems arising from slowly deteriorating IAQ, commercial and industrial facilities need to ensure that the AC ducts are cleaned and serviced regularly and that their equipment has been optimized in accordance with ASHRAE standards.

The reality is that with so much at stake, it does not pay to work with unlicensed contractors who often lack the education, hands-on training and cutting edge technologies granted by state licensing.

As a certified member in good standing of the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA), Core is an industry leading HVAC service provider and offers varied services to improve ventilation and system optimization. In addition, Core offers repair, maintenance and often total system replacements to industrial and commercial facilities.

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